Welcome to the Memberships page!

We make sure to provide our Members with the highest quality service available!

The Caldwell Recreational Association Pool is a Member-based facility. Members get exclusive access to the pool all seven days of the week (excluding Monday) during regular hours. This does NOT include 24/7 access. Members may also be privy to discounted prices for our services such as the Water Fitness Program when those services are offered.

New Members

New Members for the 2023 Season:

New Members are always something we enjoy having! We love that we are able to have you in our family. Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer in-person applications for new Memberships. Checks and/or money orders may be mailed, but physical presence is required to fill out our Membership Payment Plan Agreement (M.P.P.A.), and a Membership Card (A card we keep on file with names of your guests on your Membership).

New Member Amenities:

2023 New Member Rates:

$150 Membership Sign-Up Fee

$150 Yearly Dues

$300 Total for First Year

$150 Every Year After

2023 Payment Plans:

Payment plans are ONLY for our new Members. $300 may be something you do not want to spend all at once, and that's okay. If you opt for the payment plan, we have three plans available for you to choose! See below.

WARNING: If you opt for the payment plan, your payments MUST be received by the agreed dates or your Membership will be suspended until amount due is paid, or Membership is dropped due to non-payment.

New Member Payment Information:

P.O. Box 845, Caldwell, TX 77836

We thank you for choosing us!

Hi! If you're a Member and reading this, we're glad you're coming back to spend another summer with us. We appreciate you staying by our side during the summers as we deal with whatever comes our way. Your time and patience are greatly appreciated by the C.R.A.

Returning Members

Returning Member Amenities:

2023 Returning Member Rates:

$150 Yearly Dues

$150 Every Year (Unless Membership is dropped or cancelled.)

Returning Member Payment Information:

P.O. Box 845, Caldwell, TX 77836

**If your Yearly Dues are not received, neither the Holder nor Guests on a Membership may swim until the Dues have been received by the C.R.A. Board of Directors. **

As always, thank you for being apart of our family and standing by us!